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Welsh Athlete Profiles - Maisie Potter

September 11, 2015

How old were you when you got into snow sports?

I went to Plas y Brenin dry slope a few times and had a birthday party there when I was six. I skied on family holidays but it wasn’t until we moved to Chamonix when I was eight that I really got into skiing and then snowboarding a year after that. 


What prompted you getting involved in snow sports?

Living in Chamonix, it was the norm to be involved in sports and in winter, that meant skiing. I was in my local ski club for a bit but then shortly after joined the snowboard club instead. I might add, the only snowboard club in the whole of the Chamonix valley (at the time anyway). This kept me busy on weekends with such a fun group of people. Come secondary school, I was able to be in a snow sports class that enabled me to take half days off in the week as well as weekends to go snowboarding with the club! 


Who was your first coach/instructor?

My first coaches were Jerome Choupin, Pierre Devillaz and Damien Deschamps. Jerome is now head coach for the French boardercross team. 


What is your favourite memory from your time in snow sports?

Some of my best memories are the road trips with the Chamonix snowboard club, we were all so close. . Night riding for the first time in Monte Bondone, Italy at the world rookie fest was so much fun. Winning the British Champs overall for the first time was amazing as I only entered the overall category at the last minute, so wasn’t expecting to have the fastest time!! The Youth Olympics in Romania was probably one of the best weeks of my life- so inspiring, great people and first time in Eastern Europe. 


What are your plans for the future both in snow sports and general life?

Since finishing my A-levels in June 2015, I am excited to focus on my snowboard career. From December to April, I will be based in Morzine for most of my training and will travel to competitions from there. At the moment, I compete in Half pipe and Boardercross at Europa Cup level. I’m aiming for World Cup and eventually the Olympics. Eventually I’d love to be a snowboard coach myself. Languages fascinate me so I’d love to learn a few more. I’m bilingual English and French and currently learning German. 


What is your biggest achievement in snow sports?

  • My three consecutive wins at the British Championships in boardercross (women’s overall).
  • 7th place at the Youth Olympics.
  • Top 3 (x 3) at World Rookie Fest events in both Half pipe and Slopestyle. 
  • 2014 Junior Worlds competitor.


What motivates you to get up and go training?

Personally, I hate down days where you laze about. I get cabin fever! Snowboarding is very weather dependent so when the weather is nice you tend to really appreciate it, which motivates me to go training and make the most of it! I enjoy training because each day is different in snowboarding anyway. Exercise makes me feel much happier. 


What would you say to anyone thinking about getting involved in snow sports?

I’d recommend living by a mountain where you can ski/snowboard, haha. You will encounter different types of snow, weather and terrain, making you an all round good rider, which helps to learn more technical things. Friends, a camera, a coach or someone that’s slightly better than you all aids progression.

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