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What did the Snowsport Cymru Wales get up to this summer?

September 25, 2015

This summer our very own Snowsport Cymru/Wales Chairman, Ian Fawcett was part of a small expedition to Svalbard, a small group of islands to the north of Norway and only 600 miles from the North Pole. They sailed to the islands to ski and climb in the mountains of the north west of the main island, Spitsbergen. In addition to the mountaineering they also made a circumnavigation of the islands and were the first to do so this year (and one of only two yachts to make it round), battling fog, pack ice and ice bergs as they went.

Ian Skis.jpg


There was plenty of wildlife en route with Polar Bears, Walrus and Reindeer to see but when asked what was the best part of the expedition, Ian said: "being able to put on skis on the beach before skinning up glaciers onto the ice cap, where numerous unclimbed mountain exist as well as climbing remote peaks and finally, skiing untracked snow all the way back to sea level! Almost as good was being able to chip ice that must have been thousands of years old from passing ice bergs to put straight into our G&Ts! The hardest part was probably trying to stay balanced on skis while carrying a hunting rifle for protection against Polar Bears. Fortunately we didn't have to use them!"

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