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A.D.A.P.T. - Athletic Development Assessment of Performance Tool (Snowsports)

Snowsport Cymru Wales has launched a programme aimed at developing snowsports athletes development in an off slope environment to help improve on slope performance.


This programme is available to all Welsh registered athletes and to members of clubs affiliated to Snowsport Cymru Wales.

The programme will set out a series of home based and self assessed activities that can be measured and scored based upon an athletes relative age and maturation. It will allow athletes and coaches to track improvements. In time we will be introducing levels of attainment (Bronze/Silver/Gold) that may motivate participants to work toward the next level.

The programme will also give basic advice in terms of a relevant strength and conditioning programme as well as tips to improve.

The future is bright - ADAPT


In recent years the development of physical qualities has become essential in improving sports performance. Developing efficient movement patterns, balance and coordination, as well as strength and power. Developing these qualities can enhance your ability to stay injury free thus being able to participate in your sport for longer and aid you in achieving sporting success.

The ADAPT programme has been set up to improve long term sporting success by assessing a number of the physical qualities stated above, this will provide you with areas you score well in and areas you need to improve on.

The assessment tools you will use will be based on:

Growth & Maturation
Lower body Strength & Power
Balance & Coordination
Anaerobic Capacity (further info to follow)
Acceleration Speed (further info to follow)

* We will update and introduce assessment tools for anaerobic capacity and speed in the next few weeks.

For each assessment tool we will provide:

* Rationale
* Equipment needed
* Preparation (warm-up) – via a private Youtube link
* Exercise Execution - via a private Youtube link or diagram
* Recovery time

Assessment Record

As part of the ADAPT programme our aim is to collect the data from these tests so we can provide ongoing physical support to players, parents and coaches. When participants have completed the tests they should fill in the testing score sheet and send to Joshua Dragone (SSW ADAPT Adviser)

Download the ADAPT Assessment record and email Joshua Dragone (SSW ADAPT Adviser)









Growth & Maturation


To monitor the timing and duration of important growth and maturation events that may influence training abilities


* Measuring tape (use of stadiometer is encouraged if accessible)
* Scale
* Ruler

Measurement should be taken prior to activity, before food ingestion and in the morning hours.


* Measuring tape is secured with the “0 cm” anchored to the floor and then fastened to the wall with the measurement values in ascending order.
* Athlete is instructed to stand with their back to the wall, with the feet together.
* Heels, butt and upper back should be in contact with the wall, head should remain in a neutral position.
* Height is measured with a ruler or flat object placed level on top of the athlete’s head aligned with the corresponding mark on the measuring tape.
* Record height to nearest mm (e.g. 164.50 cm).


* Scale is zeroed and calibrated following the manufacturer’s guidelines.
* Athlete removes shoes, phone/accessories and any heavy clothing (shorts and t-shirt are preferred) before stepping on the scale.
* Observe and record the athlete’s weight from the scale following the manufacturer’s guidelines.
* Record weight to the nearest tenth of a kilogram (e.g. 65.5 kg).

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