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With over 40,000 skiers and snowboarders going to the snow and using artificial slopes in Wales, Snowsport Cymru Wales aims to keep with the recreational skiers and snowboarders. Sign up to our free newsletter - though be warned, we will try to get you more involved with the sport on a regular basis!


COSTS - Individual Members £10 / Family Membership £25

Use our online membership system to sign up

Membership Package Includes

  • Discounted Travel Insurance with Sports Cover Insurance - 5% discount (includes ski racing cover where needed)
  • Discount codes with retailers
  • Membership offers with ski centres

For details of current membership package email

We hope that you will help to promote the scheme and encourage as many new members as possible to sign up, if we can achieve continual growth in our membership it will help a long way towards developing the sport through the next decade.

Online membership for coaches, instructors, leaders, officials and competitors

To get more involved with snowsports you need to join Snowsport Cymru Wales.  Throughout the year we organise;

  • Training for coaches and instructors.

  • Leaders courses for school teachers and youth leaders organising snowsport trips.

  • Competitions and events for competitive skiers and snowboarders.

  • Training programme for developing competitors.

Use our online membership system to sign up and get more involved.

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Use our online membership page to join Snowsport Cymru Wales online as a competitor, coach, instructor, leader or as an official

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