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2020 Vision for snow sports in Wales

February 15, 2017
2020 Vision for snow sports in Wales - Consultation Process

Following on from restructuring the board of SSW in December 2016 we are now taking the opportunity to set out a vision for SSW for the next four years. However, before launching the document in its final version we want to give our members the opportunity to engage with developing the vision at an early stage and as such would welcome your views and input before releasing the final version in April 2017.

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The 2020 Vision document sets out in simple terms:
  • Where we now
  • Targets and objectives for 2017
  • Where we want to be by 2020
Each discipline director on our board is busy establishing a committee to help develop pathway opportunities and improve communication. It should be noted that not all disciplines of snow sports are starting from the same point with some clearly more established than others. 
Development plans will need to start on the basis of achievable and realistic goals, establishing the stages of delivery and then how they are funded. At this stage we have no new funding so new activity will need to be self-funded in the first instance. Grant support may be available in certain circumstances and this would be applied for on a case by case basis.
Facility development must form a major part of taking our sport forward. With little development of facilities in the past 20 years we need to upgrade and modernise facilities to take the sport into the next 20 years. We also need to bring new facilities to Wales such as indoor snow and Nordic skiing opportunities.
Please follow this link to read our vision: SNOWSPORT CYMRU WALES.pdf 

We welcome your views by email to Chief Executive Robin Kellen on robin@snowsportwales.net



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