Are You Physically Prepared For The Slopes?

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Are You Physically Prepared For The Slopes?

June 21, 2017

Athletic Development Wales and Snowsport Wales join forces to ensure that all youth athletes have the opportunity to become physical prepared for the slopes. And in addition to the ongoing work with our young athletes, Oli Trotman from Athletic Development Wales will be giving some pointers for getting ourselves ready for the slopes staring in our newsletter in August.


Athletic Development Wales will be providing opportunities for aspiring youth athletes to physically prepare themselves for the slopes. The focus of physical preparation is to reduce the risk of injury whilst also enhance physical attributes that would potential improve on slope performance.

“I am very excited to be able to work with a forward thinking organisation that sees the value of physical preparation not just for the positive impact it can have on their sport but on the positive impact it can have on their athletes future,” said Oliver Trotman, Director at Athletic Development Wales.

Athletic Development Wales focus on coaching key fundamental movement patterns that underpin the vast majority of human movement so that children become more confident in expressing themselves in a physical manner, be that through the vessel of sport or not.

“Athletic Development Wales has set out a simple but effective programme, has worked with coaching staff to help their development and understanding - it has really helped to step up our programme and has helped to pull everyone in the same direction,” said Robin Kellen, CEO at SnowSport Wales.

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