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Become a Freeski Coach

July 31, 2015

If you received our Newsletter last week you will know that there are some UK Snowsport coaching courses coming up next month (if you didn't, you can sign-up on the right - convenient). We’ve received a lot of interest in Cardiff coaching courses so we thought we’d put together some more information for you.

Freeski Coach Level 1

Freeski covers the slopestyle, half-pipe and big air disciplines of freestyle skiing and will include moguls, aerials and skier-X.

Incase you’re not sure if you’re at the right skill level here’s a list of tricks you should be able to do to attend the course:

  • Slide a box 50/50

  • Slide a box 90°

  • Jump straight air on a box/jump of 4-7m

  • Complete a grab on a straight air jump

  • Complete 180° jump on the piste

Every candidate will be assessed on their skill level as well as their coaching level but judging on the guys that have been turning up at Cardiff Ski & Snowboard Centre on Freestyle Development Nights there will be plenty of talented candidates hitting the boxes!

Apart from killing it on the kickers you will learn about planning a training session; structuring the lesson based on length of time and athlete progression, the safety of Freeski; procedures, first aid, all of that, skill analysis; evaluating athlete performance, Skill Acquisition; improving athlete performance, working with kids; this one’s pretty self-explanatory, technical elements and progression of Freeski; progressing athletes safely and methodically through trick technique, understanding the fundamentals; the core elements of physical fitness that are key to the development of young athletes, video analysis; also a does what it says on the tin thing and equipment required; the compulsory aspect of helmets, the benefit of twin tips, that sort of thing.

At the end of all this awesome learning experience you will be able to deliver a structured indoor training session, develop parts of a Long Term Athlete Development programme, cultivate the ability to inspire and motivate and be able to deal with emergency procedures. What’s not to love!?

If you want to coach young, entry level athletes the Freeski basics, inspiring them to find the same love and thrill out of Freeski that you yourself have found, then you should really consider booking on to the course. And if you’re reading this blog on the sly at your desk in an office where you have a job that makes your soul feel bad, then jack it in! Come be a ski coach instead! 

Click on the UK Snowsports button on the left for more information.



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