The Big Cwtch Summer Party

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The Big Cwtch Summer Party

October 13, 2017

Everyone loves a quick cwtch right? So, imagine one that lasts the whole weekend! Here is a bit of insight into the festival raising money for Ski4All Wales from our favourite house mother and race MC, Georgina Kellen

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"At the beginning of September Mr K, Daughter No1, Little Squidge & I set off in Blodwyn our motorhome for deepest darkest Camarthenshire to attend The Big Cwtch Festival. Now I’ve never been to a festival before so I had absolutely no idea what to expect.

We arrived early on Friday afternoon, parked up in the designated field for motorhomes and set off for a look around. Arriving nice and early gave us chance to get a feel for what it was all about before it got too busy.

The whole event takes place in the ‘garden’ of Bethan and David Drinkall in Crugbar, Camarthen. All the proceeds go to charity, the main charity is Ski4AllWales and this year all the car-parking fees and donations went to Ty Hafan.

The gardens and fields were separated into different areas. There was an area dedicated to wellbeing where you could experience everything from getting a massage or joining a yoga class to learning how to belly dance. In the children’s area we found, amongst other things, circus skills, bush craft, storytelling and donkey therapy ~ obviously not just for the children! I spent more money than I meant to at one of the clothes stalls but then it is always good to find a bargain and 10% of all sales went into the charity pot.

There was a whole walkway where you could purchase food from a multitude of food outlets, clearly a favourite with us. We tried gorgeous goat curry, amazing artisan steak burgers, really yummy raclette, perfectly cooked pizzas and even enjoyed a delicious fine dining street food experience, sitting on hay bales under a candle lit canvas, overlooking the lake being serenaded by musicians at the nearest music stage. Quite a lot of food I hear you say, well yes, but we were there for two days and it was all irresistibly tasty.

We were also spoilt for choice when it came to music. I found Mr K loitering at the Wobbly Bar (aptly named) so taken with the young singer that he had forgotten to order my drink! No matter I had, by this time, found the very conveniently positioned Prosecco Bar, staggering distance from the main stage area. The bands were excellent, varied and continuous. Basing ourselves on the grass in front of the main stage, we spent a very contented Saturday with the sun on our faces listening to and occasionally dancing to band after band.

Other more energetic ‘festivalers’ had a go at paddle boarding, something I quite fancied but didn’t really want to get wet which was, let’s face it, a sure thing! Those who didn’t mind getting wet but felt like a more relaxing half hour jumped into one of the hot tubs.

A new addition this year was the Aprés Ski Bar, sited appropriately right opposite La Ffroga the raclette wagon. We had lent Beth and David our dressing up basket containing lots of old ski gear, it was amusing if a bit disconcerting spotting people wandering round wearing our clothes, Jessi was heard to mutter “Isn’t that my old ski jacket/helmet/goggles…?”                                         

If you want to stay all weekend which is obviously the best option, there is a field for camping. You can’t take your car to the camping field but there are plenty of volunteers with wheelbarrows to help you transport your stuff across. If all that seems like too much effort, then the ready erected glamping tents are for you.

For me, one of the big issues at festival type events has always been the loos. After hearing horrendous stories from more experienced festival goers, it was with trepidation that I entered one of the Portaloos for the first time. It was spotless! There was even loo paper! The merry band of volunteer loo cleaners doing the rounds were great. Hope they got extra food tokens!           

The Big Cwtch prides itself on inclusivity, equality and enjoyment for ALL. There were people from all sections of our society and apart from the occasional tear from a scraped knee or from a grumpy baby refusing sleep for fear of missing out, there were sunny smiles all round. Wheel chair users are welcome and can take a helper along for free. The army of volunteers, were friendly, efficient, numerous and did a fantastic job of keeping everything running smoothly. 

It was a fantastic weekend and I can honestly say we felt well and truly cwtched. We will, without doubt, be going back for a repeat cwtch next year. Keep the date free, buy a fabulous pair of wellies (because even if it doesn’t rain, everyone wears wellies at festivals right?), get some glitter on your face and come along."

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