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December 21, 2016

We’d like to start the new year by saying a #BigThankYou to everyone who has helped Snowsport Cymru Wales through 2016. We are so grateful to the volunteers who give their time and commitment to help others in snowsports whether it be through helping out at a club, taking a few lessons at your local centre, standing on the side of a slope in during rain as an official - we salute you!


Whilst sports and organisations need volunteers and sometimes it can feel like a thankless task, there has been plenty of research that shows volunteering is good for you - REALLY GOOD FOR YOU!
  • People who volunteer are (mostly) happier people - Volunteering builds empathy, strengths social bonds and makes you smile!
  • Volunteering helps you stay healthy - People who volunteer have lower mortality rates and suffer less depression, even when asked to run up and down hill all day long at a ski race.
  • Volunteering helps you meet and make new friends.
"I’m always amazed and humbled how much people give to the sport as volunteers, I regularly ask people to volunteer for work which starts at 6am in the morning and finishes after another 14 hours and do a great job throughout. This is a good thing, a very good thing even if it makes me feel just a bit uncomfortable saying it. How could you ever get people to make that sort of commitment to their paid full time work?"
- Robin Kellen, CEO Snowsport Cymru Wales.
We look forward to your continued support through 2017 and hope you spread the happiness to others and encourage them to get involved too.



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