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Discipline Director - Disability and Inclusion

March 30, 2017

This time round we're introducing you to our new Discipline Director for Disability and Inclusion. This job has fallen to Pete Harris.

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Pete has been involved with skiing since the early 90s. Over the last 15 years he has been involved with Adaptive skiing. He has Adaptive Awareness training, and is a Snowsport Wales Adaptive Awareness Tutor. He is also a SSW ski instructor and works part time as an instructor For John Nike Leisure Centres and holds a Tessier Pilote Ski Accreditation.

Pete has a Diploma in Health and Social Care, with various qualifications in Dementia, Mental awareness, Skin Care, Anger management and Autism. He has a passion for helping the disabled to learn to ski using Adaptive methods having fun and socialising with other skiers.


With his involvement with Disability Skiing Wales he has held the posts of Chair, Secretary, and Training officer over the years. He was heavily involved in recruiting, training and setting up Disability Skiing Wales as a "Centre of Excellence ".   

As part of the National Governing body's plan in Wales, the following criteria have been highlighted for improving Adaptive skiing over the next few years:

  • To increase participation by present Disabled ski clubs, promoting what they offer.
  • To increase the number of Adaptive ski instructors by offering training in this Discipline.
  • To encourage all Welsh slopes to be more Inclusive and accommodating to all.
  • To promote advancement and a pathway to Paralympics as appropriate. 

holly with sit ski.jpgAs part of the back to routes programme, it is only by encouraging more people, including disabled, to take part that we will eventually increase participation and our elite will develop.

A small committee of enthusiastic people have joined me from both North and South Wales in our goal to promote Adaptive skiing. Ideas are already coming forward on how disabled people can become more involved. My intention is to develop these ideas. We have a long way to go but enthusiasm and fun is our motivator. 

If anyone is interested to know more, get involved or just offer support please contact me via SSW website or via my contact details below.

Email: Pete.harris@gmx.com       

Mobile: 07854972660




029 20561904


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