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Discipline Director - Freestyle Ski

February 27, 2017

We'd like to introduce you to each of our new Discipline Directors and their vision for their discipline. This week it's Robert Taylor, Discipline Director of Freestyle Ski.

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Rob is new to the Snowsport Wales family. With his previous experience competing in world championship events for Team GB, coaching international athletes and working with Cardiff Ski & Snowboard Centre we thought he was the perfect choice to run a bigger and better freestyle ski scene here in Wales. Here is his plan...

Freestyle skiing is still new to the sporting world. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t come along in leaps and bounds with legendary GB Park & Pipe rider James Woods winning gold in the most prestigious competition of all time: THE X GAMES! Most of GB park and pipe riders are breaking rankings and getting up there with the best, such as Halfpipe rider ranking in top 30s, Murray Buchan and Slopestyle rider ranking top 5, Katie Summerhayes. Now is the time to push freestyle skiing.

So with all this going on I believe we have more talented athletes out there looking to push the limits. 

Things we already have in place for this year:

  • Freestyle Development classes on Sundays 4-6pm at Cardiff Ski & Snowboard Centre
  • Welsh Freestyle Academy running at Cardiff Ski & Snowboard Centre
  • The Welsh Championships 2.0 to be held at Cardiff Ski & Snowboard Centre in April
  • A Freestyle Skiing Committee

The Welsh Freestyle Academy is an eight week program where we teach ten young individuals how to ski then progress to the elements of freestyle skiing, e.g. jumps, spins and grinds.  

The Welsh Championships 2.0. This is a first in Wales but will become an annual event. 

The Freestyle Committee consists of five members all associated with ski centres around Wales. If you are interested in becoming a member within the Welsh Freestyle Community, see below for contact details.

Our future goals and plans:

  • Welsh Freestyle Ski Club
  • Welsh Championships 3.0
  • Welsh Freestyle Academy at other ski centres 
  • A larger committee

We will be looking to form a Freestyle Ski Club throughout the Welsh ski centres. We will aim and help to develop all participants' skills for competing in National events.

Welsh Championships 3.0. We will be looking to other ski centres in Wales to host this event with a view to changing its location each year.

Holding the Welsh Freestyle Academy at other ski centres will ensure that skiers from all parts of Wales benefit from Freestyle development.

A larger committee will ensure that each ski centre in Wales will have a say for the future of Freestyle skiing in this country.

These are the current ski centers in association with Welsh Freestyle skiing:

  • Pembrey Ski Centre
  • Llandudno Ski Centre
  • Cardiff Ski Centre

If you would like to be involved in any of the above or have any other ideas of how to grow Freestyle skiing in Wales then please contact me via the details below.

Contact details:  





029 20561904


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