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Discipline Director – Nordic

April 4, 2017

We'd like to introduce you to our new Nordic Director, David Hughes.

David caught the Snowsport bug shortly before the Vancouver Olympics in 2010. Impressed with the athleticism and grace of cross-country skiing, he learnt to rollerski and has, for some years now, taken part in races in the British Rollerski Series. 

A Barrister and now in his mid 40s, David is married with a young son, but finds time to rollerski – most often in Bute Park or at the barrage – most weekends. He speaks fluent Spanish, excellent French and good Italian.


Things we have in place

Before SSW appointed a Nordic Director, South Wales already had a number of active or aspiring rollerskiers, who’d managed to establish contact with one another. This means that forming a Nordic Committee has been relatively easy – we were already in touch with one another.


Our future goals & plans

Cross-country skiing in the UK is at a high point at the moment – Andrew Musgrave came 4th in the 50km race at the World Championships! But we have to face it – cross-country skiing in Wales is starting practically from scratch.

Our aim is to bring some coherence to the dispersed community of rollerskiers in Wales. We’d like to arrange meet-ups to ski, so that anyone interested in taking up cross-country skiing can find like-minded people who can give them a steer. We’ll use the Facebook Group we have to let people know when and where we’re skiing.

Longer-term, we’d like to get at least one club going, so that those of us who race (or take part in races) can do so under a Welsh label. We’d like to get into universities, to people who might be in the market for a new sport. Finding athletes with elite potential would be great, but the first priority is to increase participation – and our first step to do that is to help people who might want to participate appreciate that we are here.

The plus side is that cross-country skiing in Wales, practically means rollerskiing and therefore doesn’t need artificial slopes. A flattish, well-surfaced path in a park is ideal. Rollerskis, with poles, boots & bindings, can be bought for much less than the price of a decent beginner mountain bike. Instruction can be found locally, and a single-day course should suffice to get you going.

Occasional snowfalls in Wales aside, most of our in-Wales activity we anticipate being on rollerskis. When we can get a club off the ground, we would hope to have enough interest to organise club trips to continental cross-country skiing locations, and maybe to take part in one or more of the famous Worldloppet ski marathon races (http://www.worldloppet.com/).

Although Nordic Skiing also encompasses ski-jumping and Nordic Combined, we don’t see the scope to develop jumping in Wales. Anyone who does is welcome to help us out!

If you'd like to get involved with nordic skiing in Wales please contact David via:

Email: david.hughes@trinidadclares.com

Phone: 07934 465856



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