Highlight on Callum Smith

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Highlight on Callum Smith

June 15, 2017

Athlete Callum Smith is a British (half Welsh) cross country skiing Olympian who is heading to the PyeongChang Olympics as one of our senior mens X-Country skiers. Having started skiing as an eight year old at a "come and try" session at Huntly Nordic Ski Centre, he progressed through the British Development Squad and onto the National Team aged 15.


Having completed his chemical engineering studies at Edinburgh University in 2016, he is now based in Lillehammer, training as a full time athlete and looking forward to a promising Olympic season. 


Outside of skiing Callum shows a keen interest in renewable energy and is eager to pursue a related career following his skiing days. Between sessions on training camps, music and books, keep Callum occupied - although considering himself to be "absolutely not in the least bit musical," he is also making an attempt to learn the guitar!


Callum's journey to the 2018 Winter Olympics is being partially funded by occupational health company, Insight Health. Despite having been selected to compete in PyeongChang Callum still has to raise funds for the event so it would be great if we could get some more sponsors interested. If you're interested please contact Chris Terry on: Chris.Terry@insighthealthscreening.co.uk


We'll keep you updated on Callum's progress, we're really excited to see him compete next year!

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