It's My Sport, My Dry Slope - Bethan Holland

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It's My Sport, My Dry Slope - Bethan Holland

November 14, 2017

Another one of our It's My Sport, My Dry Slope stories, in case you don't know this is what it's all about:

We are aware that grassroots snowsports in the UK invariably revolves around artificial snow or dry slopes, but that doesn't just have to be the beginning, it can be a life-long love affair!  

We're keen to feature people making use of their local dry slope on a regular basis. We want to hear from a diverse background of users from across all disciplines (Ski, Board, Nordic, Disability) young and old. It would be great to have stories from recreational participants, instructors or coaches, competitors and people who work in the sport.

This time round it's Bethan Holland’s turn.

She’s a Welsh girl living in the French Alps and here’s how here local dry slope created her love affair with skiing and mountain tops.


Who are you? 

My name is Bethan Holland.

Tell us a bit more about yourself...

I am a proud Welsh girl and I currently live in the French Alps running a beautiful ski chalet. I’ve lived in France for 7 years now but still love coming home any chance I get.

Which slope do you use?

I use Pembrey ski slope when I can in West Wales.

How long have you been using dry slopes and how often do you go?

I learnt to ski on the dry slopes before my first ever ski experience, with my school, Ysgol Gyfun Gwyr. It became a regular day out for my sisters and me. My Mam still ventures to Pembrey now too.

What do you when you are there?

Dry slope is all about improving your technique; if you can do it on the dry slopes then it will be a breeze on the snow. 

Why do you go to your slope?

Dry slopes are a great steppingstone to skiing on the big mountain. I always recommend first timers spend a day at the dry slopes even to practice playing with all the gear. It really makes your first ski holiday easier.

Is there anything else you want to add or say about dry slope skiing or boarding?

As I mentioned above it’s such a great way to start your skiing experience. It’s equally as important to make the next big step and book a couple of days in the snow on the big mountain.

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