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Landgraaf Camp

August 7, 2015

Over 60 excited and enthused participants recently travelled to Holland to take part in a five day training and fitness camp, held at the amazing SnowWorld facility in Landgraaf. The camp was a collaboration between Snowsport Cymru Wales and Alpine racing club, Dragons. SSW’s CEO Robin said: “I was so proud to see Snowsport Wales and Dragons collaborating to bring together so many keen athletes for this training camp and it turned into a real success. Seeing all our group in their SSW and Dragons logo jackets & t-shirts was a great sight to behold.”

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The 60 attendees were made up of just under 40 athletes (from ages 10-20 years), 7 coaches and several parents who decided to join in the fun! Two coaches were needed to bring everyone to SnowWorld, with one leaving from South Wales and the other from the North, there may be quite a distance between North and South Wales but a love and passion for snow sports could bridge any gap. Firm friendships were formed and we have a feeling that parents and athletes will be spending a lot more time on the A470 from now on!

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Apart from forming the kind of friendships that can define any young athletes’ experiences in sport, some serious training was undertaken with over 18 hours of skiing taking place, which equals 43,200 minutes spent on the slopes and with 10 hours of gate training x 40 trainees x 10 runs per hour x 30 gates per run = 144,000 gates hit which I’m pretty sure also equals hardcore awesomeness!


Because Snowsport Wales is not by any means just about alpine racing a snowboarding session for coaches and athletes also took place, with many thanks being offered to Nigel Furlong and Jon Davies for their expert coaching (and serious patience!).

Of course there will also be a few statistical issues when travelling in a group of 60 people and we’d like to take this opportunity to apologise to all the other very accommodating users of the fantastic SnowWorld because we really did turn into a sort of mobile queue, meaning whoever was following us ended up having to wait for the crowd to die down. We must also apologise to the Swiss World Cup and Europa Cup Team who couldn’t get a booking until we left because our group was so large - sorry!

Another particularly awesome highlight was watching visually impaired Welsh athlete, Menna Fitzpatrick flying and smiling down the slalom courses, guided by Welsh Team athlete Emily Hopkins. Menna has been making serious waves on the race circuit in recent years and we’re so excited to see where she goes from here. Either way it was great to see two amazing athletes working as such a synchronised team. Check out our social media sites for some video footage of Menna and Emily.

All in all the camp was really awesome, thank you so much to everyone who came along and to SnowWorld - we’ll see you all this time next year!

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