Latent Demand For Snowsports in Wales

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Latent Demand For Snowsports in Wales

October 29, 2019

We are very excited to share the National Survey for Wales 2017-18 and the National Survey for Wales School Participation, both of which showed there is substantial latent demand for snowsports here in Wales.

Here are some punchy statistics on adult snowsport participation in Wales...

NSW 1617 Snowboarding & Skiing.png

Obviously the fact that 9% of adults in Wales want to try snowsports is music to our ears but we're also particularly enthused by the statistics relating to school-age-children in Wales...



That 12% of school children in Wales would like to try snowsports is truly wonderful but we also love that the statistics are so even between the genders, with only 1% difference between existing snowsports school-age participants. We're very pleased to bucking the trend of many more boys participating in sport than girls, especially during secondary school years as snowsports participation is actually at it's highest in 16-24 year olds.

In light of these statistics we are working with centres throughout Wales to look at start-up and taster sessions they can run, attracting new people to the sport and building upon the interest that we now know is there.

If you're looking for your nearest snowsports facility please see ourCentres page and get in touch to find out about any events near you!

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