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Time For Change

July 19, 2016

Whilst Annual General Meetings can be dull affairs on times, this years AGM 10th September 2016 is setting out changes which, if agreed by the membership, will help to shape the future of snowsports throughout Wales.

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The board of Snowsport Cymru Wales are proposing a change in the structure of the board to ensure there is representation on the Board of Directors from all snow sport disciplines as well as geographical and gender representation.

If the membership agree the resolutions put forward we could see a new board elected under the revised structure at the next EGM which is scheduled for 10th December 2016.

Two resolutions are proposed:

1. To delay the appointment of directors until the following EGM which is scheduled for 10th December 2016.
2. To restructure the board of directors include directors to represent disciplines across all snow sports.

The revised structure of the board would be as follows:

The Board of Directors will consist of eight Directors appointed by election at the AGM and two optional Directors appointed by the Board to meet the needs of the Board, Director positions will be:

1. Chairman
2. Finance Director
3. Vice Chairman
4. Discipline Director Alpine
5. Discipline Director Disability Snowsports and Inclusion
6. Discipline Director Freestyle
7. Discipline Director Nordic
8. Discipline Director Snowboard
9. No more than two competency based directors appointed by the directors.

Candidates for Discipline Director positions are expected to meet criteria of significant experience in their discipline as a coach, instructor, competitor or official.

If any Director position is left vacant following the AGM or vacated during period of office, the board may appoint a suitable person as director to stand until the next AGM. 

The board will also be charged with ensuring the board has appropriate representation on a geographical and gender basis, as such if a lack of representation exists it will use its powers to appoint suitable candidates to meet these needs.

The Board of Directors believe this is an important step forward to help develop snowsports throughout Wales and look forward to the support of the membership in taking the proposals forward.



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