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Welsh Athlete Profiles - Olivia Ward

March 11, 2016

How old were you when you got into snow sports? 

I started skiing at the age of four on a family trip to Italy.

What prompted you getting involved in snow sports?

My Primary school was very interested in ski racing and lots of the children did artificial surface races. It was through this that I started racing on the UK circuit then moved on to my first snow race which was the Welsh Alpine Champs at the age of nine.

Who was your first coach?

My first coach was Gareth Shelbourne who I worked with at the Chill Factore and my first Alpine coach was Colin Tee from Dragons Alpine.


What is your favourite memory from your time in snow sports?

Being selected to the British Childrens Ski Team and then winning the Helen May Award.

What are your plans for the future both in snow sports and general life?

I move into FIS next season so I am looking to make a strong start in FIS level racing. I would like to stay racing for as long as I can but would hope to work in the snow sports industry later in life, however, my main priority right now is to complete my GCSE exams and then move on to further education.


What is your biggest achievement in snow sports?

I have raced for the Great British Children's Team for the last three years, which I count as a big achievement. Being selected to the Welsh Team as child was also amazing, however, I would say that my best race results came at the Welsh Alpine Championships this year, winning the Giant Slalom against some stiff competition.

What motivates you to get up and go training?

I want to be the best I can, that’s why I get up and go training, even if the weather is not so good. I love the gym work, especially the weight training. The main thing that motivates me is that I love skiing and to be good at it you have to put the work in.


What would you say to anyone thinking about getting involved in snow sports?

Try as many different disciplines as you can, enjoy the environment that you are in, but most of all don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t win. Snow sports is a long journey and those that are winning this year may not ne winning next year, you will improve if you work hard and enjoy the training and competing.

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