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Welsh Freestyle Ski Committee

June 7, 2017

As you know we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to get the very first Welsh freestyle committee up and running. Committee members are involved in the Freestyle scene in lots of different capacities from instructing at ski centres around Wales, to being involved in Welsh tourism. We even have an ‘outsider’ from England who’s looking to bring along his knowledge and expertise of the Freestyle ski scene in England, keen to bring that success to the Welsh Slopes. What they do all have in common is a passion to push Freestyle skiing in Wales forward!

So let me introduce you to the committee…

From The Ski Centres 

  • Morgan Williams - Cardiff Ski & Snowboard Centre

Morgan has been skiing for 11 years. He started volunteering at Cardiff Ski & Snowboard Centre whilst in school and joined the team after his A Levels. He is UKCP Level 1 Freestyle and has also completed his Level 2 Ski Instructor and Level 1 Snowboarding courses. He has become one of the best Freestyle skiers at the centre.  He is running Freestyle development classes all through the summer. 

Morgan would like to see more advertisement on the Snowsport Wales website such as videos and photos covering all the centres in Wales. 

Morgan Williams.jpg

  • Steff Jones – Pembrey Ski & Snowboard Centre

Steff has been skiing for the past 13 years. At the age of 15 he became one of Scott Skis sponsored riders and has developed a high standard in Freestyle skiing at his home slope. He is an ASSI Level 2 Instructor, Level 1 Adaptive Ski Instructor and has been an instructor for nearly seven years.

Steff is looking to set up a freestyle ski club at Pembrey this coming year and he would like to see more events at all the slopes around wales.


  • Jonny Murray – Llangrannog Ski and Snowboard Centre.

Jonny has been a ski instructor at Llangrannog for 10 years and has a strong passion for the Freestyle scene. He is a UKCP Level 1 Freestyle Ski Instructor and, using his qualification, is looking to set up a Freestyle ski night at his home slope. 

Jonny would like to see more participation at his home slope, but would also like to see more going on across other slopes around Wales. He’s also happy to help other slopes in any way possible.

John Murray.jpg

  • Steven Jeacock – Llandudno Ski and Snowboard Centre.

Steven has been an instructor for 10 years and for the past two years he has become the Head of Snowsports at his home slope. At his centre they have an Introduction to Freestyle Skiing club, where they teach the public how to do jumps.

Steven would like to see more kids having the opportunity to try Freestyle skiing at all the Welsh centres and also develop more equipment to enable the centres to do this.

steven jeacock.jpg


From The Tourist Side of Wales

  • Kyle Rendall – Owner of Discover Wales Tours (tour operation services)

Kyle has a small background in Freestyle. He has travelled all around the world discovering the tourism side of what the public are looking for and ways of incorporating the public in social and fun events and activities.

Kyle would like to see more of the public being involved at the local ski centres and developing the Freestyle scene at all the centres.

kyle profile pic.jpg


From Outside Wales

  • Jack Tompkins – Founder of Ski The Kingdom (a non-profit organisation)

Jack has been running Ski The Kingdom for the past five years and has been developing, promoting and supporting the UK Snowsports Athletes and the facilities at the centres. He studied Sports Management at Loughborough, specialising in the culture and marketing of the UK snow sports industry.

Jack would like to see more video content from each centre and would be happy to help each centre develop more videos for their Freestyle ski evenings.

Jack SSW.jpg

If you'd like to contact any of the Freestyle Committee email Discipline Director, Rob Taylor on: robert.taylor84@live.co.uk



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