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What to do on Your Snow Sports Holiday When There is Actually no Snow.

December 18, 2015

So it's finally started SNOWING!! All praise be to the goddess Bheur (that's your lunchtime Google search sorted)! 

We all know that snow has been thin on the ground for those who were chasing a white Christmas on their festive holidays, however, we thought it was important to point out that even if the pistes are off limits, there are plenty of other fun and exciting activities that you can do on a winter holiday, even if skiing or boarding can't be one of them (*sobs ever so slightly*).

So let's start with the obvious: when life gets hard, smug and happy people often advise to just try putting one foot in front of the other to try and get through the tough times. Well as far as we're concerned no snow on a ski holiday is undoubtedly one of life's tragedies so we'd advise the same, put one foot in front of the other and go for an epic walk! Strap on your walking boots and go out and explore the mountains. The tourism centre of the resort you're in will have walking maps as well as piste maps and can advise you on where to find the best paths with the most exhilarating view. Take a rucksack with a picnic blanket and packed lunch, or walk up to your favourite piste-side restaurant for a warming and well-deserved mountain meal. As a side note it's also easier to come across wildlife when you're swooshing past it at high speeds so you might end up seeing some of the animals that inhabit the mountain as well. 

Take a dive! Lots of snow resorts either have leisure centre facilities or are near water parks or spa resorts, so don't forget to pack your trunks or cosie if you're heading out to the snow. If for whatever reason the resort is closed for the day you can make you're way to the nearest pool and get a bit of relaxing exercise!

Tubing! More and more tubing and ski slopes seem to be coming hand-in-hand and quite frankly we love it. Anyone and everyone should try snow sports but if for whatever unfathomable reason you don't take to it, or if you've got little ones who aren't quite old enough for slidey planks then tubing is a great way to ensure that everyone can still enjoy the holiday, resort or slope. These days resorts are getting quite adventurous with their tubing facilities, using snow canons to make intricate and exciting tunnels for the tubes to travel down. These are often away from the main pistes themselves so make sure you scour the resort to find your tubing adventure!

If in doubt, eat. Most resorts have numerous and amazing food emporiums to choose from, too many often to get through on your holiday so use your spare time wisely and try all the food stuffs on offer!

If in doubt, head to the resort information centre, there are probably lots of things on offer from stories and present hunts for the little ones to organised bar crawls, wine tastings or resort tours for older members of the family or group. If the snow quality is particularly poor we recommend buying daily ski passes so that if you decide not to go onto the hill for whatever reason, you won't end up of pocket when you decide to spend the money on something else. 

Turns out the mountains are actually an amazing place to holiday any time of the year! Who's for a summer in Switzerland? 

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