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Nordic Skiing in Wales

Cross Country Skiing

There are many ways to ski! One of these is cross country (also known as Nordic skiing). It generally uses thinner skis and lighter equipment. The ski boot is only attached to the ski at the toe, allowing the heel to lift for movement. 

Cross country is a huge sport in Europe and is increasing rapidly across many other parts of the world, including the UK.

Currently the British cross country skiing team is getting some of its best results ever as one of the team, Andrew Musgrave, is currently one of the top 20 skiers in the world. You can find out more about him here on the British Ski & Snowboard (BSS) website.

If Andrew has inspired you, there is also a full pathway system in place for any budding athletes.

Cross country skiing, while being known as one of the toughest sports in the world at the top level, can also be done at a more leisurely pace, purely for enjoyment or as an exercise to maintain good fitness.

Here are some example videos:


So how do we practice this in the UK?

Even in Europe or Scandinavia the skiers generally train in the summer months on roller skis.

Here are some more videos as an example of the sport:

As you can see, rollersking is highly accessible, it can be done at any local park and can be a very fun alternative to running.

There is an established UK scene for roller skiing with large clubs in London, the West of England and Scotland. There also commercial instructors who you can go to for instruction when starting out, these are very useful and will help your initial progress. are based in the London region and Capital Adventure Wales are based in Cardiff.

In Wales we are in the initial stages of setting developing a cross country skiing community. Recently a Director of Nordic skiing has been put in place with Snowsport Wales, an advisory committee and club system will follow next. At the moment skiers tend to train individually or get together in small groups to train in various places. If you want to know if there is already anyone in your area already training and wish to link up with them then please send us an email or join the Welsh X-Country and Rollerskiing Facebook group and make contact there.

We also have a page Welsh X-Country and Rollerskiing Facebook page to keep everyone up to date with any events or training sessions.




Nordic Skiing news and events.

Check out the poster for upcoming events by clicking on the link:  north wales rollerski course.pdf 

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