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You don't have to wait for the snow to being able to go skiing in Wales - There are a number of opportunities for you go skiing in Wales at our artificial slopes spread throughout the country. These slopes are open year round and offer lessons, coaching, recreational skiing and clubs for participants at any level.  

The clubs operating at each slope provide a great chance for people of like minds to get together to improve skills, practice and progress or organize club holidays and competitions.

Click here to find out where your local artificial slope is so you can come along and get involved!

Want to develop your own skiing further?

We have plenty of opportunities for you to get further involved with this fantastic sport. Through coaching, you can receive training to expand your knowledge and understanding of all things ski, or you can chose to push yourself as an athlete by competing in either Ski racing or Freestyle. 

SKI RACING - Ski Racing competitions and training is held throughout the year on artificial slopes in Wales & GB as well as indoor snow throughout GB. For the real stuff we head to the alps of Europe and further afield.

FREESTYLE SKIING - Freestyle skiing covers a range of disciplines such as Slopestyle (ramps and rails), Halfpipe, Moguls, and Ski-Cross. Due to our recent successes in the Olympics, Freestyle is becoming more and more popular so most artificial slopes in Wales now have freestyle Slopestyle sessions and a few have Mogul (Bumps) slopes. To practice Halfpipe and Ski-Cross we need to travel out to the mountains.

COACHING AND INSTRUCTING - Want to tell everyone about how great skiing is? If you want to get involved in helping others to get as much out of your sport as you have why not train as an instructor or coach. Courses are available throughout the UK in a British and Internationally recognised scheme. Courses are available to train as an instructor working with beginners to advanced level skiers, working with skiers with disabilities, coaching ski racers or in freestyle disciplines. Courses are also available to train in Snowboard and Nordic disciplines.

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