Freestyle Skiing

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Freestyle Skiing


The term “Freestyle” covers a range of disciplines including Aerials, Moguls, Ski-Cross, Halfpipe and Slopestyle. Competitors are rated on their form, style and technicality, while the main goal is to have as much fun as possible. Due to our recent successes in the Olympics, Freestyle is becoming more and more popular so most artificial slopes in Wales now have Freestyle Slopestyle sessions and a few have Mogul (Bumps) slopes. To practice Halfpipe and Ski-Cross we need to travel out to the mountains.

Freestyle skiing is perfect for those people who enjoy challenging themselves both physically and creatively. If you are interested in furthering your own skiing by having a go at freestyle, check out an artificial slope near you to find out if they have any freestyle sessions available.



Mogul Skiing

Mogul skiing is a mixture of speed, turns and air as competitors have to negotiate bumps at high speeds. Mogul courses also include two small jumps which are used for aerial manoeuvres. A skiiers run is marked for the technical quality of the turns, the maneuvers and the speed at which it was performed- however the fastest across the finish line does not necessarily win. This discipline requires athleticism, flexibility and courage, however is a highly rewarding and exciting activity to be a part of.


Ski-Cross is a timed racing event incorporating terrain features traditionally found in freestyle. Alongside often four other competitors, you race down the course over big-air jumps, high-banked turns, drops and rollers. Any intentional contact with other competitors leads to disqualification. Ski cross is an exciting and adrenaline fuelled event that requires focus and determination.

Snowsport Cymru Wales is part of a GB wide initiative to identify talent, select to national squads and provide athlete development opportunities.
For details of trial dates, selection policies and training opportunities go to the GBX Website.


Halfpipe Skiing

Halfpipe skiing is when you ride a half pipe, or super pipe, on skiis, performing a series of technical tricks while traveling down the pipe. Competitors are awarded marks for amplitude, technicality and the smoothness of their riding. Unfortunately there are no facilities in wales to train on a half pipe, so our freestyle team has to train in resort.


Slopestyle is the most popular and accessable freestyle discipline in within Wales. Skiers travel through a course, picking their way through a variety of obstacles such as ramps, rails or other park features. Having its main roots in Skateboarding, they get marked on amplitude, originality and style as they spin, grind, grab and flip around the course.


Freestyle Skiing Team

We don't have a freestyle team right now, however as part of the freestyle development programme we are seeking to establish a training and development programme. 

If you are competing in National or International events and interested in forming a Welsh Freestyle Ski Team please let us know.


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